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Update on Ohio Dispensary Applications

by Faith Fidura March 21, 2018

Ohio To Request Additional Information of Dispensary Applicants

Starting this week, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, in accordance with rule 3796:6-2-04 of the Ohio Administrative Code, will be reaching out to applicants to request additional information necessary to process dispensary applications. Affected applicants will receive an initial email notification followed by letters sent via registered mail. Upon receipt of the letter, applicants will have five business days to return the documentation or information requested in the letter.

The additional documents and information requested by the Board will only be used to determine whether an applicant is barred by statute or administrative regulation from receiving a provisional dispensary license. No applicant’s score will increase or decrease as a result of providing the additional information required by this notice. 

Please note that this request for additional information is not an opportunity to submit new or other material information related to the application beyond what the Board requested. Non-responsive information will not be considered.

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