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Virginia Lawmakers Sign Off on Bill Legalizing Adult-Use Cannabis

Virginia lawmakers have reached an agreement to become the 16th state in the nation and the first in the south to legalize adult-use cannabis. After much debate over differing legalization proposals,

Virginia Will Be the Next State to Legalize Cannabis

Virginia legislators voted to legalize cannabis in the state on February 5. This comes after Gov. Ralph Northam and top lawmakers unveiled their legalization proposals in January. Gov. Northam

New York Governor Calls for Cannabis Legalization in State Budget

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently released the full text of his cannabis legalization proposal as part of his budget request for 2021. If New York legalizes cannabis, the state could become one

Cannabis Business Trends and Industry Tips

Since its legalization, the cannabis industry has been growing and evolving rapidly. This, coupled with its age and regulatory environment, makes the cannabis industry unlike any other. Staying

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New Mexico Governor’s Expert Panel Releases Marijuana Legalization Recommendations

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham assembled a panel of experts tasked with crafting a report to detail their recommendations for a marijuana legalization plan in 2020 — their report was


New Mexico Lawmakers Considering Marijuana Legalization

House Bill 356, a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico, was recently introduced in the State Legislature. If passed, the bill would allow adults 21 years and older possess and


New Zealand Grants Its First Cannabis Cultivation License

New Zealand is another country taking a lead in full medical cannabis legalization. Until this year, the country had banned the use of all forms of cannabis. The turnaround began in the Spring when


Officials At The Department Of Veterans Affairs Wanted A Medical Marijuana Study For PTSD

Top officials in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) were actively pushing for the agency to conduct more research on medical cannabis’ potential applications for veterans. This was


March 26th Marijuana Weekly Updates: States to Watch for Marijuana Legalization

Movement for Marijuana Legalization As states continue to introduce legislation and initiatives to legalize marijuana, the Dispensary Permits team will keep you informed with our Weekly State