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Quotables from a National Cannabis Consultant

by Faith Fidura February 05, 2018

National Cannabis Consultant Speaks on Pittsburgh's First Dispensary


National Cannabis Consultant

It looks like any doctor's office — clean, well-lit and organized. Obviously, the people behind Solevo Wellness wanted to make sure Pittsburgh's first legalized medical marijuana dispensary in Squirrel Hill looked professional. The 7,000-square-foot facility includes a reception area and waiting room, along with a showroom, where cannabis product samples will be kept inside glass cases. And contrary to assumption, there's no light-up area because Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program forbids smoking marijuana in dry-leaf form. The product will be available in pills, oils, ointments and tinctures when Solevo opens on Feb. 15. As we've said for years, legalized, regulated marijuana is long overdue.

“The facility is absolutely beautiful. Our goal is to not only be clean and pristine, but make sure we are welcoming everybody to experience our facility and really get educated on the new school of medical marijuana.”

-Sara Gullickson, National cannabis consultant who is working with Solevo

“The fact that marijuana is labeled a Schedule I compound limits the research. One of the biggest issues we're dealing with is the way marijuana is scheduled (by the federal government).”

-Dr. Rachel Levine, Acting health secretary and physician general

“Every week we have more growers and processors approved. The program is progressing very well.”

-Dr. Rachel Levine

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