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What's Next for Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Licensees

by Maxime Kot August 09, 2017

The first round of Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary licenses was awarded on June 20, giving winners a December deadline to open their doors. With only six months to turn an application into a reality, time is of the essence.

Over the next 3 months here is a guide to building a strong foundation for your dispensary.

  • Getting three locations up and running is no small feat. Many individuals select their team before submitting their merit-based applications. If your team is not complete, consider:
  • Finding an experienced team that understands state law and compliance, as well as the legal Marijuana Industry. A team should include Project Manager, Interior Designer, Engineer, Architect, as well as your facility staff.
  • An image is everything and in business, it’s all about branding. Here are some guidelines to building brand loyalty and visibility for your operation.
  • Finalize logo design, colors, branding guidelines, and company tagline.
  • Take the time to ensure your brand speaks to your patient community by hosting a focus group.
  • Consider hiring a Public Relations & Marketing agency that specializes in the industry to develop your message to drive visibility on a local, regional, and national scale.
  • Start outlining a cohesive strategy for your business that tells your brand story and engages your target audience with the media in mind.
  • Staying agile in order to meet changing rules and regulations is an essential part of overall facility design and layout development. Here are some things to consider:
  • Remodeling is expensive and could cause you to close your doors depending on the changes being made. Ensure that your floor plan can meet increasing patient flow demands as your business grows.
  • Work with your team to make sure your logo, color schemes, and verbiage, are effectively incorporated into your overall facility design.
  • Learn about your surrounding community and its identity. Your facility should embrace and reflect your real estate locality.
  • Security coverage is essential for any business especially the cannabis industry, where operators are dealing strictly in cash.
  • Find a trusted security consultant to source the proper equipment needed for your facility.


Those interested in applying for a Dispensary License in the second round may schedule a complimentary consultation by emailing

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