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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Licensing Update

by Faith Fidura September 26, 2018

Oklahoma-Flag-US-State-Metal-XLIt’s been just over one month since the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority began accepting applications for medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and businesses on August 25, 2018. Here's an update on how many license applications have been received and approved. 

As of September 24, 2018, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority reported a total of 7,388 license applications received. Here’s the breakdown of applications received: 

  • 5,724 for patients
  • 45 for caregivers
  • 1,619 for all business types

Overall, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority reported a total of 4,948 licenses have been approved. Here’s the breakdown of licenses approved: 

  • 3,786 for patients
  • 27 for caregivers
  • 1,135 for all business types
    • 377 dispensaries
    • 593 growers
    • 165 processors

The Oklahoma medical marijuana market is projected at $100 million - $150 million a year. The current business licensing process may be subject to change as the program is currently operating under emergency rules, and the state Legislature is expected to pass permanent regulations next year.

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