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North Carolina Medical Marijuana Laws

by Faith Fidura May 23, 2018

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Program Overview

In 2014, North Carolina legalized a limited medical marijuana program through legislation. The law, known as the North Carolina Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act, allows for qualifying patients to use and possess low THC and high CBD extracts. The law was amended in July 2015 so that North Carolina Medical Marijuana Lawsqualifying patients no longer had to participate in a pilot study to receive treatment. Under the law, patients must have intractable epilepsy and be under the care of a state-approved neurologist who has attempted at least three other treatments options with no benefit. The neurologist must be affiliated with an in-state licensed hospital to obtain the medicine as personal cultivation and a statewide regulated dispensary system is not allowed.

HB 185 and SB 648, companion bills otherwise known as the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act, were introduced for 2017-2018 session to legalize medical marijuana and establish a state-regulated system to produce and dispense medical cannabis and medical cannabis products to qualifying patients. While there remains a possibility that these bills will be revisited prior to the close of the 2018 session, such action is unlikely because they failed to pass out of committee prior to the state's cross-over deadline.

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Business Details 

The state does not have or allow a regulated system for cultivation, production, or dispensing of the CBD products approved for patients with intractable epilepsy. A neurologist must be affiliated with an in-state licensed hospital to obtain the medicine. 

Interested in Starting a Medical Marijuana Business in North Carolina?

While North Carolina doesn’t yet have a comprehensive medical marijuana program, it’s best to use this time to better prepare yourself for when the state decides to advance their program and establish a regulated dispensing system. If you do, you’ll be ahead of the game and increase your chances of success in the fastest growing industry in the United States. 

To learn how to best prepare, ask questions, discuss concerns, and receive guidance on best next steps, schedule an hour consultation with one of our industry experts. Speaking with a consultant will be the most convenient way to gather all the information you’re looking for.