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Nebraska Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced

by Faith Fidura February 06, 2019

A bill to legalize a medical marijuana program in the state of Nebraska was recently introduced by Senator Anna Wishart. If passed, the bill would allow qualifying patients to access medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries.

A public hearing was held for the bill on January 25, 2019. Opposition was present, but many individuals in support of the bill shared information about regulating cannabis, the scientific evidence behind its therapeutic potential, and personal testimonies of how marijuana has helped treat certain conditions. The bill will go before several House and Senate committees for approval before being sent to the Governor’s desk for a signature.

Nebraska Medical Marijuana Business Opportunities

The bill would establish a state-regulated dispensing system of licensed medical marijuana businesses. A new regulating division known as the Marijuana Enforcement Division would be tasked with issuing ten (10) licenses of each medical marijuana business type by November 2020:

Dispensary – an entity registered by the division to acquire, possess, or dispense cannabis or cannabis products

Processor – a person or entity registered by the division to process harvested cannabis materials into medically viable cannabis products 

Producer – a person or entity registered by the division to manufacture, plant, cultivate, grow, or harvest cannabis

An application fee of $25,000 would be required upon application submission. The division shall establish and collect an annual fee not to exceed $40,000 from each licensed producer, an annual fee not to exceed $40,000 from each licensed processor, and an annual fee not to exceed $25,000 from each licensed dispensary. 

Begin Preparing for Nebraska Medical Marijuana Business License Applications

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