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Michigan City Awards Medical Marijuana Business Licenses

by Maxime Kot October 27, 2017

 The state of Michigan is now accepting applications for medical marijuana businesses. For more information, read our more recent blog.


Bangor Township grants 33 medical marijuana applications

Officials in Bangor Township approved 33 applications for medical marijuana facilities this week, the next step in welcoming millions of dollars in investments to the Bay County municipality.

The Bangor Township Board of Trustees at its meeting Tuesday, Oct. 24, approved 16 grower permits, 10 provisioning center (or dispensary) permits, five processing permits, and one secure transporter permit, said Supervisor Glenn Rowley.

"We've got a good variety in there," he said.

No applicants were rejected.

The 33 applications came from nine businesses: Pioneer Medical Cultivator, Green Acres Wellness Center, Oasis Wellness Center, Uncle Bud's Provisioning Center, Pure Releaf, Therapeutic Health Choices, and three other limited liability corporations.

"While we were in that meeting, which filled our entire boardroom, we had even more applications that were dropped off," Rowley said.

The board has 11 new applications to review and decide on at its Nov. 15 meeting.

Rowley hesitated to say exactly how much he expects the industry will bring to the community, but was sure it would be in the millions.

"One facility is anticipating creating 250 jobs," he said. "Another is anticipating 200, and that's just two of them so far."

He added the seed planted by the medical marijuana facilities should sprawl to create other jobs nearby. For example, restaurants will be needed to feed the facilities' employees.

"We don't have a deadline on this," an enthusiastic Rowley said. "This is just the start. There is a lot of opportunity and great stuff happening."

Bangor Township began accepting applications on Sept. 1, receiving 11 in the first 13 minutes of business. Each applicant must pay a $5,000 nonrefundable fee.

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Dispensaries are currently illegal in Michigan, but state lawmakers in 2016 passed legislation to legalize and regulate them. The state's new Medical Marihuana Licensing Board begins accepting applications for medical marijuana facilities on Dec. 15.