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Is Medical Marijuana Available in Georgia?

by Faith Fidura March 14, 2018

Georgia Medical Marijuana Program Overview

Georgia has a very limited medical marijuana program that allows for medically qualified patients to possess cannabidiol (CBD). Although it’s legal for these individuals to have CBD oil, there are currently no methods provided for legally obtaining the CBD oil. Under the current law, it is illegal to possess, dispense, or cultivate marijuana or any reason. 

When Will Medical Marijuana be Available in Georgia?

georgia.jpgEarlier this year, House Bill 764 was introduced to establish a state-regulated dispensing system for patients to access the low-THC CBD oil. The bill also sought to add PTSD and chronic pain to the conditions authorized for the use of low THC oil.

Its companion bill, House Bill 645, was introduced to allow for the cultivation of medical marijuana for the purpose of a state-regulated dispensing system for CBD oil. Unfortunately, Governor Nathan Deal stated that he opposes medical marijuana cultivation in Georgia, arguing that HB 645 currently doesn’t have enough safeguards. 

However, the Governor also stated that he would approve adding PTSD and chronic pain to the conditions authorized for the use of low-THC oil, as proposed in HB 764.

Since then, HB 764 has been amended to allow for the addition of PTSD and chronic pain as qualifying conditions, with no mention of a state-regulated dispensing system. The bill has been approved by the House, and is now making its way through the Senate. 

Therefore, Georgia will most likely allow for more patients to possess CBD oil, but still not provide any legal access to the CBD oil.

Prepare for Georgia Medical Marijuana Expansion

This movement sets the stage for Georgia to establish a state-regulated dispensing system for medical marijuana in the future. For those looking ahead, there are ways you can prepare for the potential opportunity to obtain a medical marijuana business license. 

In order to obtain a medical marijuana business license, you will need to submit an application to the state when the responsible State Department is ready to accept them. To educate yourself on the application process and increase your chances of success, download our Application Guide & Checklist, which includes a detailed summary and checklist of all action items you’ll need to complete before submitting your application.