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How to Open a Medical Marijuana Business in Virginia

by Faith Fidura March 28, 2018

On March 9, 2018 Governor Ralph Northam signed House Bill 1251 into law to allow the use of cannabidiol (CBD) or THC-A oil for the treatment of any diagnosed condition or disease determined by a practitioner. Previously, only patients with intractable epilepsy could qualify for the use of CBD or THC-A in Virginia.

How to Start a Medical Marijuana Business in Virginia

To start a medical marijuana business in Virginia, your first step will be applying to the state for a license.

As the new law expands access to the state’s current medical marijuana program, the Board of Pharmacy is now tasked with implementing an application process for issuing new medical marijuana business licenses in Virginia. It is anticipated that the state will make applications available to the public in upcoming months. 

There will be one, integrated medical marijuana business license to apply for, known as a Pharmaceutical Processor License. A Pharmaceutical Processor is authorized to cultivate cannabis plants intended only for the production of CBD oil or THC-A oil, process cannabis into CBD oil or THC-A oil, and dispense the CBD oil or THC-A oil to a registered patient or caregiver. A pharmaceutical processor may dispense only CBD oil and THC-A oil that has been cultivated and produced on the premises of such pharmaceutical processor.

Need Help Applying for a Pharmaceutical Processor License? 

If you need help educating yourself on the application process, download our Application Guide and Checklist, which includes a detailed summary and checklist of all action items you’ll need to complete before submitting your application.

You can also schedule an hour consultation with one of our industry experts to ask questions, discuss concerns, and receive guidance on best next steps.