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Hawaii Marijuana Legalization Bill Passes Senate Committee

by Faith Fidura February 13, 2019

Senate Bill 686, a bill to legalize marijuana in Hawaii, was recently introduced in the State Legislature. If passed, the bill would allow adults 21 years and older cultivate, possess, and consume marijuana. The new law would also establish a process to license marijuana businesses.

A hearing was held for the bill on January 31, 2019 and was later approved by a Senate committee on February 7, 2019. The bill will likely be referred to one or two additional Senate panels before it goes before the full Senate for a final vote to advance it.


Hawaii Marijuana Business Opportunities

If passed, the bill would establish a state-regulated dispensing system of licensed marijuana establishments. The Department of Taxation (Department) will be tasked with drafting the rules and regulations necessary to license and govern the following marijuana businesses: 

Marijuana cultivation facility – an entity licensed to cultivate, prepare, and package marijuana and sell marijuana to retail marijuana stores, marijuana product manufacturing facilities, and other marijuana cultivation facilities, but not to consumers. 

Marijuana product manufacturing facility – an entity licensed to purchase marijuana; manufacture, prepare, and package marijuana products; and sell marijuana and marijuana products to other marijuana product manufacturing facilities and retail marijuana stores, but not to consumers.

Marijuana testing facility – an entity licensed to analyze and certify the safety and potency of marijuana. 

Retail marijuana store –  an entity licensed to purchase marijuana from marijuana cultivation facilities, purchase marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana product manufacturing facilities, and sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers.

The state will license marijuana establishments through an application process. The Department will determine an application fee not to exceed $5,000. 


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