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Hawaii Dispensaries to Allow Reciprocity from any U.S. Medical Cannabis Cardholder

by Faith Fidura July 25, 2018

Changes to Hawaii’s medical marijuana laws will allow dispensaries to sell cannabis to registered MMJ cardholders from any U.S. state, a move that could significantly boost sales given the droves of tourists that visit the state annually.

Beginning next year, visitors to the Aloha State registered with the medical cannabis program in their U.S. state will be able to purchase a Hawaii MMJ registration card for $45 that will be valid for 60 days, HawaiiNewsNow reported.

Hawaii’s health department is predicting roughly 5,000 tourists will buy Hawaii registration cards the first year, with as many as 30,000 per year at peak numbers.

The new rules also:

  • Allow dispensaries to sell Safe Pulmonary Administration products (SPAs), which transform marijuana or marijuana oil into an aerosol.
  • Expedite MMJ registration cards for new patients, minors and people with cancer and in hospice. Those patients now can obtain cards in just one or two days.
  • Provide electronic patient registration cards that allow patients to download their registration information onto their smartphones and other electronic devices.


Potential Future Marijuana Business Expansion in Hawaii

appguideOnce the new law is implemented, the state will surely see an influx in sales and higher demand for product. To accommodate to the growing need, the state may consider increasing access by opening additional medical marijuana dispensaries. That being said, Hawaii has a future opportunity to open applications for medical marijuana business licenses again.

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