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Georgia Commission Seeks the Best Route for Access to Low-THC Oil

by Kevin Hanlon October 19, 2018

On October 5th, 2018, Georgia’s Joint Study Commission of Access to Low-THC Medical Oil held its final meeting in Athens, GA. 

Currently, Georgia law allows for the use of CBD and low-THC medical oil, but there remains to be no law or infrastructure in place that allows for access to the medicine. The purpose of the Athens meeting was for the commission to gather intelligence on cultivation and expansion models from other states which have already passed low-THC oil legislation.  

The commission heard from industry leaders, states that have similar programs, professors, doctors, local professionals, and Georgia citizens. The speeches ranged in topic from personal medical anecdotes, legal obstacles and findings, scientific fact, financial matters, cultivation, processing, professional opinion, and other related matters. shutterstock_748124128

“This is something that has to be built from the ground up,” says State Senator Matt Brass (R), co-chairperson of the commission. The commission aims to gather the best practices of other medical cannabis states to draft a mindful and thorough report and recommendation on the matter for the state legislature by December of this year. The goal is to create a winning law that works well for Georgia.

Ultimately, however, it is up to the state legislature to act on the commission’s recommendation. The commission has to convince the majority of the 236-member legislature to pass an initiative that will allow for access to low-THC medical oil. After the commission’s report is issued in December, the commission will help introduce a bill and start its movement through the state legislative process when the legislature returns to session in January 2019.

State Representative Micah Gravley (R), co-chairperson of the commission, urged citizens to contact their state representatives and senators and tell them that they are following the commission’s work and that they want their representatives to support what the commission presents.

The commission was going to hold a fourth meeting on Oct. 23rd in Savannah, GA, but they decided to cancel it on Oct. 18th. They said in a statement, “We are confident that the fantastic testimony obtained during previous commission hearings will help us shape a productive in-state model for the expanded distribution of low-THC medical cannabis oil.”

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