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Franchising Enters the Cannabis Industry

by Sarah Cawthon July 16, 2020

Cannabis is indisputably one of the fastest growing industries in the United States’ job market today, and has remained mostly unscathed amidst the coronavirus pandemic when other industries have been left upended.


With the industry doing so well, it comes as no surprise that many are interested in coupling the fast growth and economic force of cannabis with a major part of the US’ business culture — franchising. 


As it stands today, cannabis retail stores consist largely of independently owned “mom-and-pop” shops. With new franchising options available, both new and existing cannabis retailers will now have the additional option to offer a recognizable store name and a nationally familiar retail identity to customers.


At its core, cannabis franchising is similar to other franchise industries. It facilitates the expansion of a cannabis company by offering a simple, turnkey system in exchange for a franchise fee. Owners will then be expected to follow the franchisor’s guidelines and offer the same experience that’s expected in all of the brand’s stores across the country.


Unity Rd., a cannabis franchise business based in Arizona, has begun doing just that.


“Our cannabis dispensaries will be found near the likes of Whole Foods or Chase Banks,” said Mike Weinberger, COO of Unity Rd. “Marijuana will be a staple of American’s habits.”


Unity Rd. is the first franchise business model available to the cannabis industry in the US. As a franchisor, Unity Rd. seeks to ease the barrier of entry into the cannabis industry by making entrepreneurship more accessible to a larger group through the company’s franchise opportunities. With their model, they are providing entrepreneurs an opportunity to be at the forefront of a booming industry with complete confidence in the brand behind them.


While many cannabis industry newcomers possess past business experience, managing and crafting a cannabis business is a unique and complicated endeavor complete with special considerations specific to cannabis regulatory compliance, licensing, banking, taxes, etc. that differ greatly from other industries. The cannabis franchise model offers entrepreneurs those years of expert experience coupled with a support system to guide them through the complicated process.


At Unity Rd., they propose a journey forward as partners, meaning entrepreneurs keep full ownership of their dispensary license and business while still receiving the supportive network and resources needed to be successful. As part of a greater network, their franchise partners are able to operate more efficiently, which ultimately results in more time to focus on cultivating their business rather than simply managing it. With the resources provided by Unity Rd., entrepreneurs are able to stand in their own right and compete against large, established brands in the industry.  


To learn more about cannabis franchise opportunities through Unity Rd., visit their website.