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Florida To Issue Additional Medical Marijuana Business Licenses

by Faith Fidura May 01, 2019

Florida Grants Additional Medical Marijuana Business Licenses, Plans to Issue More Through New Application Process

floridablogThe Florida Department of Health is granting eight additional medical marijuana business licenses to applicants who were unsuccessful in the state’s first round of licensing in 2015. Now, all of the original applicants that applied for licenses in the highly competitive 2015 process have been approved as Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. 

This decision by the Department of Health also reduces to three the number of available licenses available under a 2017 law aimed at implementing the 2016 constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana. Two of those licenses are reserved for applicants with ties to the citrus industry, and one must go to a black farmer who was part of class-action lawsuits against the state. This settlement ends months of disputes between health officials and losing applicants. 

According to state health officials, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use is expected to withdraw a series of rules proposed nearly a year ago in May 2018 that were never finalized. The office will then restart the process for the two remaining licenses (reserved for applicants with ties to the citrus industry) with a new set of proposed regulations as early as this month.

The 2017 law also established a schedule for additional business licenses to become available as the number of patients who have qualified for medical marijuana increases. Under the law, four more licenses will become available once the patient database reaches 300,000. With 200,000 patients currently in the database, state health officials predict the database will call for four new licenses as early as October 2019.

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