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July 2nd Marijuana Weekly Updates: States to Watch for Marijuana Legalization

by Faith Fidura July 02, 2018

Movement for Marijuana Legalization

As states continue to introduce legislation and initiatives to legalize marijuana, the Dispensary Permits team will keep you informed with our Weekly State Updates. If you missed last week’s updates, you can view them here. Since then, the following legislation has been introduced:


CBD Program

The following states introduced legislation to allow qualified patients to possess and consume cannabidiol, a marijuana derivative.

Iowa – On June 29th, the Iowa Department of Public Health announced it intends to award the state’s second manufacturing license to Iowa Relief LLC. 


Medical Marijuana

The following states introduced legislation to allow qualified patients to possess and consume medical marijuana. 

Arizona – The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that marijuana extracts are illegal, on the grounds of a 1978 Arizona Supreme Court decision that says “hashish” is the “resin extracted” from marijuana “criminalized as cannabis, a narcotic drug, and distinct from marijuana. 

Arkansas –  An Arkansas Democrat-Gazette review of public records found that large portions of Delta Medical Cannabis Co.'s successful cultivation license application had the same wording - verbatim in some cases and slightly tweaked in others - as the language used in 46th-ranked Courageous Ann's application. 

Connecticut – The addition of opioid addiction as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana was denied by a board of physicians. WeeklyUpdatesImageJuly2

Delaware – Lawmakers voted against the marijuana legalization bill 21 – 15, defeating the bill and its chance to legalize recreational marijuana for the state. 

Maine – Maine lawmakers passed a re-write of the state's medical marijuana program last week, replacing qualifying conditions with doctors' discretion, expanding the number of allowed dispensaries, and allowing home-based caregivers to grow their businesses. The bill now awaits a signature from the Governor.

Massachusetts – The state Cannabis Control Commission has unveiled a social equity program intended to help people who've been extremely negatively impacted by the war on drugs work in the new legal marijuana industry. The program will include training and guidance. 

New Jersey – State legislators and industry insiders say legislation to legalize marijuana is going to be delayed until after the state gets a budget. 

Ohio –  On June 29th, the Ohio Department of Commerce awarded a final certificate of operation to small-scale cultivator FN Group Holdings LLC dba Wellspring Fields. The company is the first of 25 provisional licensees to pass a thorough state inspection.

Oklahoma – On June 26th, Oklahoma voters passed Question 788, legalizing medical marijuana for qualifying patients. 

Pennsylvania – On June 29th, the Commonwealth Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Elemental Health Group LLC against the Health Department and medical marijuana business permit winner Terrapin Investment Fund 1 LLC.

Rhode Island – The Governor has approved the state budget that includes a proposal to increase the annual license fee for medical marijuana dispensaries from $5,000 to $250,000. 

Tennessee – Rep. Bryan Terry (R) and Sen. Steve Dickerson (R) are working on a medical marijuana bill in the General Assembly named the Tennessee Responsible Use of Medicinal Plants Act — the TRUMP Act.

Texas – More than half of the state’s registered voters believe marijuana should be legalized in the state, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

Federal – The Food and Drug Administration on June 25 approved Epidiolex, a treatment for epilepsy created by the British company GW Pharmaceuticals. The Drug Enforcement Administration has 90 days to schedule the medication, and it is widely expected to allow doctors to prescribe it.

S3024, a bill that would allow Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend marijuana to patients across the country, was approved in the U.S. Senate. 


Recreational Marijuana

The following states introduced legislation to allow individuals 21 years of age and older to possess and consume marijuana.

California – Starting July 1st, licensed businesses in California’s marijuana market must be in compliance with the state’s readopted and updated emergency regulations. Nearly 150 cannabis businesses in the United Cannabis Business Association wrote a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown, urging the state to extend the July 1st deadline so the regulated market doesn’t have to face crippling financial losses. 

Vermont: Residents ages 21 years and over are allowed to grow cannabis in their homes for recreational use as of July 1st.


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