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How Does Marijuana Legalization Look for the United States?

by Faith Fidura June 21, 2018

The Marijuana Industry has been named the fastest growing industry in the United States. While marijuana remains federally illegal, the majority of states have taken the matter into their own hands to legalize marijuana in one way or another. You can check your state’s status here.

Lately, movement has occurred on a federal level regarding marijuana use and laws. The Right to Try Law, Representative Dave Joyce’s marijuana bill, and the RESPECT Resolution are recent pushes for the nation to become more comfortable with the idea of legalizing marijuana.

The Right to Try Law

The Right to Try law was signed by President Trump on May 27, 2018 to allow terminally-ill patients to try experimental treatments that have not yet received final approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. The new law allows patients and doctors to ask drug companies directly for access to the experimental drugs, rather than wait for  approval by the agency. 

To be eligible under the law, a drug must first pass an FDA phase one clinical trial. Marijuana is now in phase two trials as part of ongoing research by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. 

Trump to Support Rep. Dave Joyce’s Marijuana Bill

President Trump said he will most likely support a bill introduced by Bainbridge Township GOP Rep. Dave Joyce that would block the federal government from interfering with state efforts to legalize marijuana. Marijuana Legalization

The bill would ensure that each state has the right to determine for itself the best approach to govern marijuana within its borders, and to respect their voters' decisions on cannabis use without federal interference. 

The bill could potentially help the marijuana banking crisis seen in states where marijuana is medically or recreationally legal.

The RESPECT Resolution

Congresswomen Barbara Lee introduced the RESPECT Resolution to encourage States and localities to adopt best practices already in effect in localities around the country to address, reverse, and repair the effects of the War on Drugs on communities of color, in particular to those who maintain criminal records for a substance that is now legal and regulated.

Congresswomen Barbara Lee introduced the resolution by saying:

“There’s no question that there is growing momentum – both within Congress and nationwide – for cannabis legalization. However, as we move into this new era, we must learn from the failed War on Drugs and ensure that entrepreneurs of color are included in this expanding industry. Due to unequal criminalization rates and disparities in access to capital, people of color are being locked out of the new and thriving legal cannabis trade,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “We need to address the systemic exclusion and discrimination at play. Otherwise, we will be prolonging and encouraging the injustices of the past – where brown men spend their lives in prison for cannabis, while white communities get rich off the industry. I encourage my colleagues to support the RESPECT Resolution, the first bill in Congress focused on building equity in the cannabis industry.”

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