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Cannabis Prohibition Inspires New Look for Dispensary Permits

by Faith Fidura March 12, 2018

Dispensary Permits Launches New Website, New Look

cannabispro.jpgThe Cannabis Industry gets more and more complicated by the minute. The new Dispensary Permits website with enhanced features will ensure you stay up to date on Cannabis Legalization and Business Expansion across the United States of America.

The new website was inspired by the 1920s – specifically, Prohibition in the United States. Now, in 2018, Cannabis Entrepreneurs are fighting a similar battle. The good news is, we are succeeding. Currently, over 40 states have created regulated marijuana programs. While a ton of work still needs to be done, some highlights of 2017 are outlined below:

  • 8 States passed Adult Use of Cannabis through Ballot Initiatives.
  • Legislation was created to introduce “Consumption Clubs”, which are similar to night clubs but promote the consumption of cannabis instead of alcohol.
  • Over 4,000 Applications were submitted to local governing bodies for Dispensary, Cultivation and/or Processing Licensing across the United States of America.
  • Collectively, the Industry has reduced Opiate deaths by up to 25% in some states.
  • Colorado Marijuana Sales reached over $1 billion.
  • The Cannabis Industry remains the fastest growing industry in the U.S., accounting for around $6.8 Billion in Sales in 2016.
  • The Cannabis Industry is projected to create more jobs than Manufacturing by 2020.

Get Involved and Stay Up to Date

Whether you are an investor looking to break into the Cannabis Industry, an Existing Licensee seeking tools to enhance your operation, or an Entrepreneur applying for a Cannabis License in your state, Dispensary Permits has a plethora of tools that will help you achieve your goals. In addition to 50 New State Pages with up to date Cannabis Program Information, Downloadable Cannabis Business Templates or custom Consulting options, we are THE source for Cannabis Program Information.

Here are Resources to Get Started Today: