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April 16th Marijuana Weekly Updates: States to Watch for Marijuana Legalization

by Faith Fidura April 16, 2018

Movement for Marijuana Legalization

As states continue to introduce legislation and initiatives to legalize marijuana, the Dispensary Permits team will keep you informed with our Weekly State Updates. If you missed last week’s updates, you can view them here. Since then, the following legislation has been introduced:


CBD Program

The following states introduced legislation to allow qualified patients to possess and consume cannabidiol, a marijuana derivative.

Iowa – The Iowa Department of Public Health released a request for proposal on Wednesday for a second medical cannabis manufacturer.


Medical Marijuana

The following states introduced legislation to allow qualified patients to possess and consume medical marijuana.

Arkansas – The state has announced that the reviewing of dispensary applications will also be put on hold. Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen is encouraging the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission to fix the problems he raised last month so the state may continue licensing cultivation facilities, and now dispensaries as well. 

Colorado – Quintin’s Amendment to allow school officials to administer medical marijuana to students has passed in the House, and now moves to the Senate.

Louisiana – House Bill 579 to add glaucoma, severe muscle spasms, and PTSD as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana has passed in the House, and now moves on to the Senate for a vote. House Bill 627 to add autism as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana has also moved on to the Senate for a vote. 

Maryland – Maryland approved the opening of seven medical marijuana dispensaries and one medical marijuana processor to expand access to the state’s current medical marijuana program. 

Missouri – The deadline to sign the state’s medical marijuana initiative at one of New Approach Missouri’s permanent signing locations was April 15th, 2018.  

New Jersey – The state may see nearly a hundred new medical marijuana dispensaries under a revised plan to expand the current medical marijuana program. Assembly Bill 3421 was passed last week by an Assembly committee, and now moves on to a full vote in that chamber.

Ohio – The state has announced its first 37 doctors approved to recommend medical marijuana. 


Recreational Marijuana

The following states introduced legislation to allow individuals 21 years of age and older to possess and consume marijuana.

California – California’s cannabis-regulating departments have sent out notices to cannabis companies who hold temporary business licenses, reminding them that the licenses will expire on April 30th. Temporary license holders are encouraged to renew their temporary licenses for an additional 90 days if they need more time to submit an application for a permanent state license. Nearly 1,000 individual cannabis businesses have been sent cease-and-desist letters or emails by regulating departments. 

Colorado – President Donald Trump promised Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado that he would support efforts to protect states that have legalized marijuana, ending a standoff on the Department of Justice nominations. 

Maine – The House voted 112-34 to pass a major rewrite of the marijuana regulations voters approved nearly two years ago.


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